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Hey guys, I’m 16, a month ago came in US. Never dreamt about US, just had to try. I started dating a gf 9 month ago, we really do well, and i see her purely loving me. Just after i found out I won, i began really hating it. I had probably one the biggest depression I’ve ever had. I didn’t want to go here At all. My parent literally made me go there, to try at least. Right now my girlfriend is crying every night, hiding it not to make me really upset. She wants me to come but never asked me, and doesn’t want me to come only coz of her. I know, that sounds bad, like a typical teenager, can’t deny that. Right now i think about going home actually every day. I promised myself to go here, to try to adapt, learn about culture and school and i did it. I have lots of friends here, i always hang out and I go really well with my host parents. Although everything should be fine, i really feel like my heart is back home. I won’t say that i feel too homesickness, i can deal with it, i just feel miserable and believe that i have to do what really makes me happy and what I really want. Moreover, i have to work and practice in my future job(IoT), prepare to my exams with my tutors to enter an university(btw, I’ll live with my gf there), and here I won’t do that coz the level is too low and really don’t have time for that. I’ve talked a lot with my parents, friends. My parents will support my every decision, but I’m kinda dependent on others’ opinion, so it’s really important to hear that.
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It reads as if the primary reason you want to go home is your girlfriend, and you've just thrown in a couple other reasons as an afterthought to try justify it to yourself. You can study while there for exams, look up the material yourself.

Don't let a relationship tear you away from an amazing opportunity. If you break-up (and there is a good chance of it given your age) then you will forever blame her for this. If your girlfriend is crying every night then this is just evidence she needs this seperation from you. If someone can't bear being apart from you this much then that means they are unhealthily dependent on you. She needs to learn to be responsible for her own happiness to be able to thrive as an individual. Besides, if your relationship can survive such a long-term seperation then you will be able to face anything.

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