Losing sleep with anxiety about uni!

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Bit of a long one but if anyone can maybe help bring me down from the high levels of anxiety I'm experiencing I would be forever grateful!

So. Did a year of a Psychology with Sociology degree in England. Had to quit in 2015 due to very poor health. Moved to Scotland. Met a wonderful partner, and we have a 16 month old son.

I've always wanted to get my degree but my mental health really holds me back. Anyway. I have managed to get a place doing Social Sciences with direct year two entry. We are even moving so that I can go (although planned to move further south anyway at some point).

Now, I'm worrying immensely! How will I cope in a lecture theatre or a classroom with terrible anxiety? How will I cope with a child and uni work? How will I cope being an older student (just turned 28)? How will I cope going in to year two when I haven't studied since 2015 and will be studying some topics I never have before?!

Am I just setting myself up to fail? I really, REALLY want this. I want to show my son anything is possible and to have a good career to provide for him. But I'm so scared about fitting in socially and academically. I'm so anxious that I'm genuinely losing sleep laying awake at night.

If anyone has any words of wisdom, or could just help by talking to me lol! I'd be really thankful. Thanks.
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If you only did a year before, you could probably get funding from the government to start studies again from year one (if youd be willing to restart) to reduce fears of jumping into second year studies.

In terms of age, there’s several people on my course that are 25-40 age range so you likely won’t be alone in being older! Although admittedly part of a smaller group. There’s also sometimes mature student societies (if that wouldnt be too much anxiety wise) to help show you’re really not alone in being older and meet friends.

You’ll never know if your child and uni together will be too much unless you do it, but if you have a supportive partner and can share the childcare equally i don’t think it should be a problem! In the end though, I think it’s important to realise even if you go back and it doesnt work this time- thats okay! Its okay to make a mistake! And you’ll show your child to always chase what they want, it doesnt matter if what they want doesnt work out and they can always find happiness elsewhere.

If you’re enthusiastic I dont think you’re setting yourself up to fail, and you’ll learn from the experience whatever happens so try not to view it as a failure! (easier said than done i know).

For the anxiety keeping you up I strongly relate, if I even have to get on a bus I’ve never used before I cannot sleep the night before. I try to write down all negative thoughts and ideas, and then write down the counter argument. It somehow helps to sink in more when it’s written. Also finding something that helps to distract, like for me comedy panel shows or nature documentaries playing in the background help me sleep. These aren’t perfect and don’t always work but they’re my best methods, alongside having strong supportive family!! Also some universities allow you to access all course content online (like recorded lectures and seminar power points) so see if that’s possible if the classroom is too overwhelming.

I hope some of this has helped. Im younger than you (19) so it feels strange to give advice, and you could already know everything I’ve said, but I really hope I’ve helped in some way! If you want to talk more about anxiety and coping etc, or even just talk as a distraction about it Id be happy to !

Good Luck!!!!

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