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Hi, I have to chose my A-Levels and I’m wondering if someone could help me out with the options I should chose. I can see myself more taking on a chemistry degree in uni so thought maths would be good to pair with it as I’m really not a fan of biology and would have to be forcing myself to take it. In the future, forensic science really appeals to me but I’m not sure if taking biology would be necessary to do so. Maths has never been too much of a problem and I got an 8 in GCSE same in chemistry so I wouldn’t mind taking maths as an A Level, however, I’ve been told how difficult it is and I don’t know if I’m smart enough for it. As for English Lit it’s my favourite subject so I want to take that no matter what. If I found a job I liked which I could do from taking an English degree I would 100% go for it but so far I’m just coming across journalism and stuff which sounds more like English language. Do my options at the moment sound like they could get me places or do you think I need to be taking biology as well. I’m really reluctant to take 4 A levels though as the subjects I’ve already chosen take a lotttt of work and effort. Also I got an 8 in biology but honestly don’t really know how xD
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Maths is a subject that is highly looked at but after completing the first year of A Level I can definetly vouch for that it is HARD. I too also achieved an 8 at GCSE and it was my strongest subject however in Y12 it quickly became my weakest subject as I was in the wrong mindset that I would find it easy since it was my strongest area. If you do decide to take it, aim to do atleast an hour a day for each subject or else you can quickly fall behind and be slacking. Most forensic sciences that I am aware of require Chemistry and Biology but this depends on your university that you wish to apply for. Maths will definetly help you in the Quantative Chemistry part of the A Level but you would be perfectly fine with GCSE Chemistry and Mathematics knoledge.

3 A levels are hard enough and I would highly advise only taking 4 if you genuienly feel you have a genuine interest and you know you will put the work in day in day out because A levels is something that you have to work at daily after school or else you will really fall behind.

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