Should I get my GCSE Maths remarked or not? Watch

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I got the Grade 4 in English Language GCSE that I have been waiting for and I got a Grade 4 in Film Studies as well. My maths grade did not improve from last year unfortunately I still got a grade 5 again when I still need a grade 6 to do A-Level Maths so I am going to have to have a discussion with the A-Level Maths Teacher (Julia Smith) at my college and see what her take on it is and see if I can get accepted for A-Level Maths, I am considering a remark for this subject and possibly resitting it in November if that doesn’t work. My French Grade which was a 3 did not improve from last year either so I am possibly thinking about resitting that again or giving that a remark. In Biology and Psychology I also got a grade 3 we are bit surprised by those as I thought I would get those subjects. I am planning to stay at the college I am currently at as I don’t want to have to meet a lot of new people again.
Accounting is now not available at my college as an A-Level and I don’t know why this is. I am going to have to take Business Studies and then do Accounting afterwards. I am also okay to do Economics. I have been considering lots of other options if they don’t accept me for A-Level Maths such as BTEC Applied Law, a Level 3 Diploma in WJEC Criminology and AS Sociology and AS Chemistry and stuff like that. I need some advice about these subjects from some of you as I haven’t done any of them before. I also need to speak to the teachers of these subjects to see what they are about. I hope you are able to give me some advice about this thanks and Best wishes From Michael.
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As I'm sure you've heard before, it's unusual for maths remarks to put you up a grade unless you were very much borderline (i.e. 1 mark off). A-Level Maths is very difficult I'm afraid. I think that if you have been struggling with it at GCSE level, you really wouldn't enjoy it at A-Level. Have you considered something like Level 3 core maths? I have a friend who is interested in Accounting like you, and he very much enjoys Level 3 maths because it's more applied than theoretical, genuinely useful for a future job in finance perhaps. It is also very suitable for people who've gotten something like a 4 or 5 at GCSE Maths but are still interested in the subject. And it would help a lot with the maths side of A-Level Business and Economics.

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