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Too much of a coward to make this post without being anonymous. Hear me out anyways. I am sick of it. I am sick of "asking for a friend". I am sick of "I need coffee at midnight because *giggle* I am an overworked student". I am sick of the V sign idiots do when they give out a breathy laugh and look like they are about to cry. I am sick of "OOP-" (whatever that means!) I am sick of "somehow I managed to get all A*s". I am sick of "Queeeeeen". I am sick of "YAAAAAAS". I am sick of "not today satan". I am sick of "girl is dying over here but ya know".

Can people no longer have decent conversations? Like everyone I talk to always looks like they are dying when in reality, they are just whining about the fact that they have to sit exams. Either pursue academia or don't; I don't and the world doesn't deserve to listen to you sobbing because you can't handle it. People give me so much anxiety with their nonsense. Like breathe. I honestly get so worked up when I am around people who exaggerate about their problems in life.

What are your opinions?
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I know exactly the internet culture you're talking about. I see it a lot in the girls in my school, so I understand your frustration. It's okay that you don't relate to these people. There are plenty who don't, plenty of people who harbour the same annoyance you do. You may find great understanding in those people instead.

Most people find exams stressful and difficult, but they sit them because they know it's their responsibility. They whine and complain because when they're struggling, it's cathartic to do so. In fact, it's also validating if they find other people who feel similarly (school struggles are especially relatable). People like exaggerating menial struggles. They find it funny because it's irrational and upbeat. It may not make sense to you, but that doesn't make them indecent, invalid or unfunny. It just makes you incompatible with them in that respect.

You're going to struggle if you pay so much attention to things that obviously irritate you. When you encounter such a person, acknowledge that they differ from you and leave it at that. Ignore them and move on to something more worth your energy. People have different humour or style of conversation. In my opinion, the most beautiful part is that you don't have to like theirs and they don't have to like yours.

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