GCSE advice (top tips for A+A*s in the new GCSE system.)

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I've seen a couple of threads from five, six years ago and I was searching for advice to get good grades. I will definitely use some of these tips but, since the new grading system and the new workload has been introduced I just wanted to ask for any advice for top grades (8+9s) in the new GCSEs, 2017+
Subjects - Exam Boards and Topics:
- History (Edexcel) Elizabethan England, Medicine through time, Cold War and superpower relations, Weimar Germany
- Maths (Edexcel)
-French (AQA) - Advice for the four exams would be helpful
-English Lit (AQA) - Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde, Macbeth, An Inspector Calls
- English Lang (AQA) - Advice for lang papers.
-Science Trilogy - Advice for physics and chem especially.
-Geography (AQA)

On these exams I got a grade 3 or less (in my mini mocks). My revision technique = cram. pull an all-nighter and cram all the stuff into my head. half of the time its the wrong stuff which I revise.

My school do mocks twice a year for all years... because they are so bloody annoying!
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I would just not stress yourself out too much, just make notes, the sooner you make all of your revision notes the sooner you can start learning them, and defo practise, practise, practise! This helps, past papers, exam questions, just practise. Just don’t stress too much, enjoy your last year and try your best. You Can also find the specifications for all your subjects online, then you can go though it and highlight the things you need to work on, the specification has everything that could possibly come up on an exam. It’s a lot of work but you can’t just Expect good results you have to work. As long as you enjoy school, try your best it doesn’t matter. Hope that helps x

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