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I am going into year 11 this September and will sit the rest of my GCSEs in less than a year.

This year I got:
Grade 9 in Russian
Grades 7 and 7 (one of which may turn into an 8) in my chosen GCSEs

What advice can you give me? Shall I get a tutor and when should I start revising?
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Do you mean you got those grades for your mocks?

Honestly for me I revised most of the content like hardcore the day before for almost all my GCSE exams expect for languages and RS and I got straight A*s and A. But I did do well during the year if that makes sense? But don't do this because i literally got like 3-4 hours every weekday and crashed in the weekends.

For languages, I wrote up model answers for every topic. For French oral, there is this extensive list of questions they can ask and I learnt all the answers i wrote and repeated them i my oral exam. Whenever I didn't understand or know how to answer the question, I redirected the conversation to what I knew. I also used the model answers for the writing exam.

For sciences I literally skimmed through all the past papers and looked at the mark schemes a couple of hours before the actual exam. I still remember physics being in the afternoon and coming into school early to go over past papers and seeing this row of people in my year revising.

Go over papers for sciences because they repeat so many questions and the style is so similar. I went over this paper in chemistry about titration a couple of hours before the test and i the exam, the same question popped up with different numbers. This goes for maths as well.

RS and essay subjects were the weak ones for me so like before my mocks, I had gone through pretty much all the past papers and answered the essay questions in bullet points and read over them the night before the actual gcse.

lmk if you need any help on specific subjets also good luck and you'll be fine

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