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Hi All,

I applied for the above position in July 2019 and completed my interview 3 weeks ago but my application is still stuck on "scheduled for 1st interview".

My timeline is below.

1st July- Applied and offered to do tests
13th July- Completed tests
16th July- Applications closed
31st July- Invited for interview
6th Aug- Interview

I already have the security clearance required. There were 30 positions and from what I could see when chosing interview slots, 40 interviews.

I've spoken to my mum who is a SEO in London in another department who says from the looks of it, they're moving fast on this campaign as the whole process is much quicker than the majority of the service in general so they must be looking to start soon.

Has anyone else gone to this interview or any others similar ones? I know because of background checks offers will take a while but will they contact everyone at the same time or as and when checks have complete.

Sorry for being a bit rambly, it's just the wait is agonising and I want to know how many others are in the same/similar boats!


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