Can Someone help me with my English Language transition task?

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Im starting year 12 next week and i am really struggling with my English Language transition homework and was wondering if anyone could help?
Your task is to produce a power point presentation based on an annotated style
model from either The Guardian’s ‘Modern Tribes’ collection or The Independent’s
‘Voice’s’ section. You will be expected to explain why you liked this article/blog;
provide a brief summary of the content and discuss how you think the writer uses
language to engage your interest.
Step One: Annotating a Style Model: Select an article showing deliberate crafting
of language. Annotate this text in detail to identify: GASP, language features and
their effect, structural features and sentence types.
 Step Two: Producing your own power point to enable you to present this article to
the rest of the class in September: Explain the context for this piece (GASP) Discuss
how the writer introduces the subject and engages the reader’s interest. Analyse
the language features that you think entertain or persuade the reader.

the article i am doing is the guardian's modern tribes: the staycationer

Thanks XX
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Have you started doing annotations yet?
You could always open a tab on your computer which outlines all of the factors you are looking for and then annotate and analyse accordingly.
This is a very general task, so without looking at the original article, I would advise that you annotate literally everything that you can whether you think it is important or not (especially if the teacher is seeing the annotated sheet), find your best annotations and then put them in the powerpoint, with your analysis/ findings underneath.
Definitely keep in mind context such as the use of (what I assume is) an online article, and the use of graphology (images). I know that the Guardian uses banner images for essentially every online article that they have, and a small profile for the author at the bottom. If you are stuck, just comment on these!
Remember that at this point, you do not have to be perfect. You will get so much better at annotating and presenting your findings as the course goes on.
And finally, good luck with your English Language A-level. You will really enjoy it!
EDIT: Moved to English Exams and Study Help :woo:
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