Year 12, Flashcards advice for Bio;Chem; History and help pls! Watch

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I’m doing A- Levels this year (starting year 12 in September): I’m taking Biology; Chemistry and History.

I understand there is a lot of Content and that I need to stay on top of my work, so I’m making flashcards as I go along.

For chemistry and history: I’m making condense flashcards on the key points (how long will this take me roughly after each lesson from people’s personal experience? And is this a good idea?)

For biology: I’m making question flashcards (e.g, question on the front and answer on the back) on A7 flashcards for active recall as biology is more about memorisation. Is this a good idea? I’m basically making quiz-let flashcards in real life as I prefer to have it like that (is this a good idea? And how long would it take after each lesson to do this roughly - I know it depends a lot of different factors but was just looking a general answer).

Any help would be appreciated
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I personally didn't use flashcards but if you found flashcards to help you well in GCSEs then I don't see why it won't help in your A levels.

For Biology, I wrote out my notes and used a blurting technique so I would write out everything about a topic closed-book and later compare it with my original notes which is good for active recall. Flashcards would be good for this as there's a lot of memorisation involved.

For Chemistry I just wrote notes and did exam questions from physicsandmathstutor after finishing a topic. I guess you could make flashcards for the organic chemistry and synthetic routes but there isn't as much memorisation as there is in Biology.

Lastly, the best revision you can do is taking past papers in timed conditions and getting a teacher to mark it. This is the best practise, especially with Chemistry having a lot of application and maths so its best to get familiar with the questions early.

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