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side effects of antibiotics watch


    (Original post by Golden Maverick)
    It is possible this person does not live in the uk. Do you Munna?
    In France they are avaliable over the counter and widely used/abused.
    I'm surprised about not perscribing anticiotics for a chest infection. I can't imagine telling someone, "Yes you have a chest infection, just take a few days off and stay at home and you should get better." It can have nasty symptoms.

    EDIT: Pakistan, see above
    i did think any such GP would have to be severely antibiotic-obsessed!

    ah, but viral infections of the chest can also produce green/yellow sputum mimicking a bacterial infection because of all the leukocytes which flood the area.

    besides, if you have a good immune system and are young/fit it is quite capable of taking care of itself where bacterial chest infections are concerned.

    I have only ever taken antibiotics once in my life.
    Amoxicillin for a slight tooth abcess.
    Never again after 4 days i had abdominal pain,colitis and unbelievable cotton mouth/dry mouth.
    I would only take them now if my life depended on it.

    Julianna Hatfield ~ My sister

    (Original post by alio)
    is it normal to have a stomach ache every night when on antibiotics :confused:

    It's a side-effect sometimes...But remember - antibiotics can negate the affects of the Pill!

    (Original post by Munna)
    Yea maybe! But i live in Pakistan. Most doctors here prescribe anti-biotics. I have been having them since i was 14. :eek:
    I've had them since I was a baby. When I needed them. They don't just hand them out like sweeties, though sometimes I'm sure they give them to kids if they're not sure and want a nice placebo to keep mummy and kiddy happy. I'd probably have died of pneumonia at 7 if it wasn't for them. The last time I had them was for an infection in my leg, which minged a bit.

    JabberJaw - it's bad that you had such a reaction to them, obviously this doesn't happen to everyone though. Antibiotics are vital, but yes, sometimes given out too freely.
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