Would I be accepted into Canada Science uni to do Life science without maths a level

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I am a British student who is going to start The a levels: Biology, Chemistry And Psychology. McMaster uni states that to do Life science it requires Maths and Biology as a must, along with either chemistry or physics. However, Psychology a level is classed as a science subject now, and Chemsitry is heavily based on maths. I would like to become a paediatrician and doing these subjects I am doing, I would still be accepted to do medicine in the UK. People even say Chemistry a level is harder than maths a level so do I think I would have a chance on being accepted to come to their uni despite not having maths for a level??????
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I’m probably too late in answering this but I’m currently in the Life Sci program at Mac. If you don’t have the equivalent of our grade 12 math, don’t worry. I know quite a few people in the program who didn’t take calculus in grade 12 and were accepted. The only thing is that you will eventually have to take math, but you will be put in a math course designed for students who did not take it in high school. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions

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