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Are they worth it?ive heard that companies only run them so they get an extra worker for a lower cost because their "teaching them".Plus why are they so long(5 years) and why are the entry requirements so low?

P.S. im currently doing A-level Bio,Chem & Eco and i am looking for degree apprenticeships in the civil engineering sector, any help or suggestions on companies/unis that offer civil eng degree apprenticeships with a decent wage would be really helpful.
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Thanks for your concern! I am currently in my 2nd year of being a degree apprentice (in IT though, not in Engineering), and my course is for 4 years.

As I am not in your field, I cannot provide any companies, but what I can suggest is looking at the gov site and Not Going to Uni to find apprenticeships, from there you can filter down on what you want to do:

What you heard might not actually be true. Apprenticeships are a great way for companies to train someone up from scratch and yes can be lower than a normal wage but that is because you are getting taught on what to do, once you have more experience in the field (salary tends to be reviewed every 6 months). Cheap Labor doesn't necessarily mean it is very cheap. For example, companies average salary for Degree Apprenticeships is £18,000[1]. This figure is the maximum[2] too, the minimum is around £9,000[2]. This can apply to other apprenticeships (Level 2/3/4 etc.), just not the figures.

The reason for a degree to be so long (e.g 4 years) is because it can be a day release program, meaning you go to Uni once a week, every week. A normal, everyday student can have, for example, 5 lessons of learning spread across the whole week. Whereas a DA has got it in that one day but you don't have as many modules, therefore pushing the other modules that a normal student would learn in that semester to the next year. So I have 2 modules in Semester 1 and 3 modules in Semester 2, when a normal student would have more than that. It is basically not to have too much on your plate because they realise that you have to work as well so you won't be able to keep up if they treated you like a normal student. The way I see the duration of my degree is of that of sandwich degree but without the year for work, your work is throughout your studies.

Anyway, I hope this help and good luck in the future!

[1] - Average DA wage: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Salaries...RCH_KO0,17.htm
[2] - Maximum & Maximum DA wage: https://media.licdn.com/dms/image/sy...SS031h3p9SI1bE
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