Why do I hate asking for help? Is it social anxiety?

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I usually do things myself and am the eldest child. I'm at uni and often receive feedback that I could have gone to my supervisor earlier for help because it would hve meant I would not be stuck as often. Also group leaders often have to tell me that they dont mind if I ask for help. I'm not used to asking for help and dont know why I avoid it. I know I can get tasks done well alone but I guess help would reduce stress.
I dont know why I am wired to be like this and the fact that other people think I avoid them is worrying because it means others have noticed.
I also have anxiety so i dont know if it's just that... I avoid speaking to people especially new people I've just met like teachers etc because I feel awkward.
I dont really know what I'm trying to ask for by posting this but is anyone like this? Why am I like this? And how do I stop being like this?
I want to be a surgeon one day so I really will need to be more confident asking for help, I know I'm not great at everything but I also have anxiety. Just dont want it to impact my opportunities or come across as rude because I "avoid" people, because no one can see worry in my mind, they'll assume just rude
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I feel the exact same way. Anyone know how to help do pls do let us say 😓
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(Original post by Kakeguru)
I feel the exact same way. Anyone know how to help do pls do let us say 😓
Really??? I feel like its just me! I am normally confident ish and a medic so people think I'm just arrogant if I dont ask my supervisors for help. One also said it's hard to read me and i look like i don't care but i really do! I hope I dont come across as rude, I'm just used to doing things myself with no guidance or help, so when I hve it there I dont even recognise it. Also when I ask for help I cant do it confidently, and thank people too much till it's just weird, it will impact me professionally and I just dont want to be an awkward doctor who is left behind because loud people who can pretend to care appear to be interested more 😭😭😭😭 when did u realise u were like this?

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