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I lost my boyfriend in an accident last year in June 2018. We met at the same university (where I currently study) in June 2017. We were an inter racial-inter religious couple. He was Jewish and I was not.

I loved my boyfriend dearly and had never imagined he would leave me so soon. Its been 1 year but I couldn't get over the loss I had. Till this date, the pain and anguish reduces me to tears almost every single day.
My emotional and physical condition weakened to such an extent that my grades got really low and I suffered from health issues as well.

Now I'm in my final year, and each time I go back to uni, I'm reminded of all our memories. It was the place we met. I see his friends( I wasn't friends with them) and it hurts me a lot. On top, I'm doing Israeli- Jewish Studies and my course/disso is equally painful for me.
Its almost like every single thing reminds me of the tragedy I faced.

On multiple ocassions, I ve gone home sobbing uncontrollably.
I also feel unsafe on campus due to certain people being creeps.
I'm at wits end. On one hand I want to finish this course and proceed to do a masters in a different country.

I have no words to describe how much I loved him and his departure from my life literally shattered and broke me into pieces.
What do I do in this case?
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