Are false memories a thing?

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So is it possible for someone to remember things that haven't actually happened as if they did? Like entire conversations and events?
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"Recent research has helped demonstrate just how fragile human memory can be. We are frighteningly susceptible to errors, and subtle suggestions can trigger false memories."

"While researchers are still learning more about the mechanisms behind how false memories form, it is clear that false memory is something that can happen to virtually anyone. These memories can range from the trivial to the life-altering, from the mundane to the potentially fatal.

"Nearly two decades of research on memory distortion leaves no doubt that memory can be altered via suggestion," wrote Loftus and Pickerell in a seminal 1995 article. "People can be led to remember their past in different ways, and they even can be led to remember entire events that never actually happened to them. When these sorts of distortions occur, people are sometimes confident in their distorted or false memories, and often go on to describe the pseudomemories in substantial detail. These findings shed light on cases in which false memories are fervently held—as in when people remember things that are biologically or geographically impossible.""

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