Vegan diet lacks critical brain nutrient? Nope.

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Lol, I doubt anybody will read or care about this but Imma do it anyway.😂 (this one has plural nutrients when it's only one!)

A few days ago, many news outlets(including the ones above), have asserted that a vegan diet could lack a critical brain nutrient called choline. So I went to the read the article that was in the British Medical Journal, that all these newspapers were referencing to. = it's not a study, but it does include sources.

It turns out that the article has competing intrestes... "Competing interests:*ED is a member of the Meat Advisory Panel which receives an educational grant from the meat industry."
Hmm, funded by the meat industry. Not surprised.

She also previously sat on a "Choline Advisory Board", I wonder if they receive funding from choline supplement companies🙄😂😂

as well as being part of a company called "nutritional insights" which can conduct "research" for your company and write biased(this is not what it actually says, lol) articles on it.

But should we all be worried about choline on a vegan diet?

Alex White, an assistant Nutrition Scientist at the*British Nutrition Foundation*told Euronews Living that choline deficiency is “very rare” and “if a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthy, varied and balanced, then it will provide some dietary choline and we know that there can be a number of health benefits of following a more plant-based diet”. White also added that it was “important to eat a range of plant foods to ensure enough of nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12 are consumed”.

Heather Russel, a registered dietician working with*The Vegan Society*said “You do not need to take a choline supplement when you switch to totally plant-based nutrition if you eat a balanced and varied diet containing plenty of minimally processed plant foods. The evidence base shows that this way of eating can support excellent health”. In a statement, they also added that the*British Dietetic Association*shares the message that vegan diets can contain enough choline explicitly saying that “you absolutely can meet requirements with a vegan or plant-based diet”.

Below I will link a chronometer for an average male on a relatively "balanced" vegan diet to get RDA and how much choline they get. I don't really know how to use the app v well, haha. Or much about the app and nutrition at all.

One of the many anti vegan propaganda in mainstream media...
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