Should I ignore his message and move on?

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We’ve been talking for a while but he’s stopped putting in effort and only texts me once a day and then ignores me for another 24 hours (?!). He’s clearly lost interest or is talking to another girl but I feel bad ignoring him. He’s sent me a message which I’m tempted to just read and ignore and start to move on and accept that he’s not into me. A part of me feels bad for doing so because I don’t want to leave him on read, and a part of me feels hope that he might message me asking why I ignored him, which I doubt he will. Should I feel bad ignoring him, even though he pretty much ignores me?
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you should not feel bad for ignoring him at all, he should only receive amount of effort that he’s putting in too, you shouldn’t be going out of your way to make him feel good by replying to his messages when he ignores you! read the message and then just ignore him; just for a few hours so that he knows(or thinks) that you’re not bothered by it and if he messages you first, then you know he cares and if not then you know that you shouldn’t feel bad for not messaging him back!

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