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I am a South African Citizen who has lived in the UK since 2001 and over the last two years I have been a student at a University on Physical Education in the Secondary Years Programme, throughout my time at the University I have a risen quite a tuition/ accommodation debt totalling at around £23,000 because of this debt I have now lost my position at the University until I show any semblance of paying the loan. On top of that the University has got in contact with a debt collecting agency who are trying to get the money from me.

This debt is not due to me not wanting to pay but due to the fact that I have been in a constant battle with Student Finance England (SFE) over the last two years trying to retrieve the loan. They continuously argue that I do not have sufficient evidence to prove that I am eligible for the loan. Despite sending nearly every bit of paper that they request there is always something more they want. They continuously back track and state that evidence that they say will be acceptable, is not once I send it in as evidence. With this feeling like its not progressing, I filed a Level 1 Complaint with SFE and got turned over to Students Loan Company (SLC). After even more phone conversations, letters and evidence submitted they are still refusing to grant me finance.

I have quoted at them Home Office Regulations and their own Guidance documents to no avail. Therefore, on the 28th July 2019 I decided that I would move from complaints and formally appeal their decision, resulting in my case progressing to a Level 1 Appeal. I should have received a verdict about the appeal by the 23rd August 2019 as they are allotted 20working days to reply. However, I am still awaiting a response. I tried chasing them up to get the verdict to which I received an email stating;

Thank you for your email dated 24 August 2019.

Your appeal was received on 28 July 2019 and is currently in a queue. Our Formal Appeals Team are experiencing a high volume of enquiries and have advised that a response will be issued to you within the next 7 days.

I trust that I have explained matters clearly.

At the end of this period I sent another email requesting some information and received;

Thank you for your email dated 30 August 2019.

I am sorry for the delay with your appeal. Our Formal Appeals Team are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries.

Having checked the current timescales again today, I can confirm that your Formal Appeal is expected to be reviewed by Wednesday 4 September 2019. This is an approximation as we can’t be sure of the exact day the appeal we be reviewed.

I trust that I have explained matters clearly.

It is now past 1700 (all indications show this is closing time) and I have not received a response.

As I hope you can see I have tried everything I am able to do, to no avail and due to this situation not being resolved I am highly unlikely going to be unable to study in the upcoming year.

Whilst I have been in the process of trying to sort out the funding situation I have applied and been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain, with this in mind I am unable to understand how the Home Office says I have a right to live, work and be educated but SFE are not willing to grant me the same right.

So my question is simply what more can I do? I can't afford to sit around and wait any longer. I have a debt agency breathing down my neck and a University that has decided enough is enough (I understand why the University have done that).

Some more information that may be needed to help:
- I am currently 21 but was 18 at the time of application.
- My Mother holds an Irish passport and I was here on her Family VISA up till 2008 when she was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain. Then granted my Own Indefinite Leave to Remain in July this Year.

If more information is needed to help, I will give within reason. I'm at breaking point here,

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