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Okay so I was helping my mum with her finances and the system is actually extremely unfair to single parents. Like, if for example a single mother earns £50k by working 60 hours a week to pay for her 3 kids, she's taxes a lot more if that than two parents who earn £25k each, because of the fact that they'd have two non-taxable allowances and so would pay less tax despite household income being the same.

In that example, the single mother earning £50k would take home £37.5k whereas two people eating £25k would get, together, £41.1k (according to government website). This only includes income tax and not all the other taxes, and does not take into account overtime taxes and second/third job taxes, and also the fact that couples can join taxes to pay less. It's complicated but you get the picture: single parents are disadvantaged under current tax laws. I feel like something needs to be done especially as there are so many struggling single parents out there, but they just don't have a voice in parliament. My MP is Conservative anyway and, even if he was Labour, the most say a single parent could do would be to write the MP a letter, which is useless.

Rant over.
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The tax system is unfair to everyone except the 1% and the corporate community, consider this the total salary/wage bill for the UK is £1.1 trillion the 99% pay on average c. 40% of their gross salary/wage (c £400 billion) in direct and indirect taxation the balance of the total tax take of £800 billion is paid by the 1% and the corporate community who transact £247 Trillion p.a. a nominal tax rate of 0.16%, they are quite happy with the taxation system, unless there's a seismic change in peoples attitude funding the biggest welfare queens the world has ever known will be all peoples job for life, the tax-payer subsidised corporate gravy train they ride will continue to circle the world and never run out of the steam the tax-paying public supply it with.
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