What is best for virgin hair? Bleach or hydrogen peroxide?

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pls help i've never dyed my hair
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I suggest that you check out this Dutch website, they have vegan hair dye, are very friendly and ship any order in whatever eco-box they find lying around, so reusing & recycling for a better world. https://www.attitude-europe.com/arctic-fox/

I started replying to you as both "chlorine" based bleach and H2O3 hydrogen peroxide are very aggressive chemicals, as are some "standard" hair dyes. Do you seriously want to put rocket fuel on your head? without guidance! So here's a start - ask around as well, but use high quality and safe chemicals.....some hair dyes have sadly killed people....

Attitude NL's safe bleach cream is here for around a tenner , maybe fifteen quid

they mention that depending on your original colour, either 9% or 12% cream may be best.

I translated part of their FAQ for Artic-Fox from NL into En "Meest gestelde vragen: Haarverf" You can prob buy Artic-Fox etc in UK somewhere

Is it necessary to bleach my hair before I paint it?
To come as close as possible to the color used as an example, it is necessary to bleach. Even if you already have light-colored hair, it will help to achieve the best results. Also, the color usually lasts longer when it is bleached. Bleaching is permanent and must grow [out?].

What colors can I take if I don't want to bleach my hair?
From Manic Panic these are: After Midnight®, Enchanted Forest ™, Green Envy ™, Infra ™ Red, Purple Haze®,
Hot Hot ™ Pink, Raven, Shocking Blue, Vampire ™ Red

Do I have to bleach my hair every time I dye it?
No, this is not necessary and even undesirable because it can damage the hair too much. New hair (outgrowth) must be bleached again for the best result.

What is Semi-permanent paint and what is the difference with permanent hair dye?
Semi-permanent paint is in principle on the hair and does not penetrate. That is why it fades after a few washes. Semi-permanent hair dye only partially passes through the hair shaft with a small color molecule than permanent hair dye. Permanent hair dye also often contains ammonia and peroxide to penetrate the hair shaft and bind with the hair shaft. Both Manic Panic and Directions and Stargazer only use soft products that do not damage the hair.

How do the different colors work out on different hair colors?
This is actually unpredictable. Logical is that the paint on dark hair will be less clear and sometimes not at all. The paler the lighter the color will become. For pastel colors it is therefore necessary to get almost white-blonde hair through the bleaching. The degree of whiteness and the structure of the hair ultimately influence how the color turns out. The duration in which you let the paint be withdrawn also influences the final result. To avoid disappointment, it is always recommended to first try a color on 1 strand of hair. Based on this, it can then be determined whether you should have the paint retracted longer next time or whether it is necessary to bleach the hair again for a lighter result. Colors can also be mixed with conditioner to achieve a lighter result.

Can you use Bleach kits on black dyed hair?
No, this is not recommended because it can damage the hair very much. In that case it is recommended to consult a hairdresser. When you have black dyed hair, certain colors can give a very nice highlight, such as Vampire Red from Manic Panic. If you have black hair of your own, it is possible to bleach it with bleach [they mean H2O3 cream]. 40 Vol [12% cream] is then recommended.

What is the best way to take care of my hair after it has been dyed so that the color lasts longer?
Certain shampoos ensure that hair dye is less able to bind with the hair. These are for example anti-dandruff shampoos, shampoos that contain a lot of oil and shampoos that contain sulphates. So also use a mild (PH neutral) shampoo for dyeing the hair that is free of oils and clarifiers. These shampoos are best for the care of the hair. Logically, mild conditioners are also best for dyed hair. Another tip that keeps the paint longer is to wash it with cold water. In addition, after dyeing, wash the hair with white vinegar. (Use as much white vinegar as water and comb through the hair and let it sit for about 2 minutes, then wash out). This ensures that the paint stays in place longer because the PH value of the hair color is increased.
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