Social Epidemiology vs Infectious Disease Epidemiology

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I have a bachelor degree in Epidemiology, and wanted to get my masters. Months back i have applied for Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology at UCL, while i was waiting for a response i was awarded a scholarship and a position at a university in my country after acquiring a Phd. That made me think about wether that course would be the right fit for me so i emailed ucl to know if after getting an offer i can transfer to Health and Society: Social Epidemiology, they immediately transferred my application. Now i don’t know if i made the right choice.
If it makes any difference i will list the career section of each major. those the ones that confused me.
Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology:
The programme has two pathways of optional modules that map on to the careers market.

Pathway 1 is aimed at students considering a career as an infectious disease epidemiologist requiring strong quantitative and data analysis skills in data analysis.

Pathway 2 is designed for those intending a career in international global health and policy-related work where their focus will be on infectious disease control.


A major focus in this programme will be on the practical application of knowledge and skills to infection and population health problems. We will also encourage students to critically appraise and intellectually challenge the evidence in infection and population health, and to work in multidisciplinary teams to seek solutions to hypothetical and real-world public health problems. These are all vital transferrable skills in the job market.
Health and Societyocial Epidemiology:

The next generation of social epidemiologists, public health policy-makers and PhD students/researchers will find this innovative 12-month programme beneficial.

First destinations for graduates of the programme include governmental departments, the NHS, universities and research institutions. Some graduates continue their training as PhD students.
I need advice.

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