Bojo would rather be "dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit Watch

Burton Bridge
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(Original post by Napp)
No worse than the extortionate amount of money paid to the cockroaches in the Commons.
And what do you mean 'cant afford'? Have you not heard that Boris has located the magic money tree and has decided to spunk it all over the place?
That's whataboutry from you again. It missed the point entirely too boot, my point was about unelected powerful people who make decisions which can override democracy.

You're next sentence is totally irrelevant to the topic never the less you are completely correct and we are in agreement, which you should already know, I'll add a copy/paste of an opinion below I've been parroting with regularity.

As for the magic money tree the Tories (it's not just borris) have found, I've been saying this for ages. I personally find it bewhildering that when a conservative outlines new police, NHS boost, etc, on the back of tax cuts reduceing the government's ability to spend on public service. The general consensus of opinion is positive, amazing and such a great occurrence, fantastic! However when a Labour party leader outlines the same, new police, NHS boost, etc, on the back of tax rises increasing the government's ability to spend on public service. The general consensus of opinion is negative, wheres the money coming from, wreckless, how irresponsible, terrible occurrence, uneconomic and generally awful! It's no wonder the Tories removed economic from education for the masses!

(Original post by Napp)
I really dont get you, you get fired up if anyone else is rude yet almost every single one of your posts tends to contain a laundry list of insults either directed at an individual or a group?
Yawn, I've already explained several times over several topics (even this one in brief) 'Remainiacs' is a word I use to describe hard core remainers, I quite literally save the term remaniac for those who act without sence or reason in the name of remain.

I am not a fan of the word remoaner, I don't like it its insulting and to be fair a little stupid because if you use it by definition you are moaning about them moaning. However Remainiac is a very clever word because of the definition of mania, an excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behaviour, excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm a mania for saving things —often used in combination.

Therefore Remainiac when I use it is a description not an insult, but you already knew that all of that because I've already told you countless times before, just like you knew you were wrong when you called me right wing earlier in the topic
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