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Is anyone doing Psychology at Hertfordshire this year?
If so, in your joining instructions there's a reading list and there's a compulsory and recommended section. In the compulsory section, there's one book - “Social Psychology” by M. A. Hogg & G. M. Vaughan. (ISBN: 9780273764595) and in the recommended section, there's a few books - “Discovering Statistics using ISB SPSS Statistics” by A. Field 5th Edition (ISBN-10: 1526419521 and ISBN-13: 978-1526419521), How to Design and Report Experiments” by A. Field & G. Hole (ISBN:0761973834), "Psychobiology" by Chris Chandler. (ISBN:9781405187435), “An Introduction to Developmental Psychology” by Slater & Bremner 3rd Edition
(ISBN: 978-1118767207). The compulsory book, it says we will be required to purchase it, so I know I have to buy it but the reading list says its for 2017/2018 so I'm not sure if it is the right book as its from 2 years ago and not sure if they change specifications, so don't want to buy the wrong one. So have you guys already bought this book? And are you also buying the recommended list before starting, or waiting till the first class?
Also, do you think we need anything other than the usual, laptop, stationary textbooks etc.?
I have a scientific calculator, but do we need a geometry set?
is a scientific calculator (the type we used for GCSEs) enough, or do we need a graphic one (the ones ppl who did maths used in a levels)?
It would be really helpful if anyone answered these questions!

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