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Honestly I been on student room since May 2017 when I went through a lot of stress trying find a out let for the childish crap I was doing in 2013 when a friend told me about a app called skout she was saying we can speak on there because she was living in Florida that year. When I download the app I didn’t think or it was dating app so when I learned what it was . I was insecure and not confident in using my own pictures . So I used this girl pictures that used to go to my church she’s really pretty.

I used her pictures because I loved the attention I recieved on there i felt popular even though it was a lie I was blocked on that account because of what I used to say on skout .

So I couldn’t make a new Account because it’s linked to the same device . Months later a family member bought me a new phone in 2014 that’s when I made a new skout account. I used another female’s pictures and this was pictures of a female I went to school with in school she’s very popular and pretty I found her account on Twitter and started using her pictures since .

did this for a long time I became obsessed over her pictures and addicted to catfishing and speaking to multiple guys on their .. this was a thrill for me in the beginning and became attached to speaking to these two guys one lived in the same state as me and the other one lives in another state. They was really hard to convince they could realize my lies to them . It became stressful that’s when I found student room through google and I didn’t know how to work student room as time and weeks went on I learned . I was criticize for what I’ve done I accept it because I was wrong for my actions I admit it .being on student room helped me in many ways I learn that I need to accept who I am .

Even though I had many arguments with people on here some ppl became tired of seeing the same similar posts that I wrote .its only because I have issues of letting go and that’s something I need to work on it’s time for me to change . I take the advice I was given I need to find a hobby step out into the real world . I can’t live like this being stuck on social media pretending to be someone I will never be . That’s how I lost who I am not learning who I am just masking myself because I was never happy being myself . It’s time that I now get off of student room I don’t need to be on here anymore . I know what I need to do and it’s going to be done . Taking action and fixing this situation ! Dont need to talk about this anymore not a little kid anymore so I’m out of student room for good this time
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