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So my new accomodation for uni isn't a uni owned or a student specific one. Although when I rented it it said it can be tailored for students, anyways bills are not included.

I'm allowed to move in to this apartment on the 9th sept after 12pm but the problem is, I have a lecture 2-3pm and I've been told I have to change the electric and gas to my name. Now does this mean I won't have electricity and gas because some girls I know even though they got their accomodation quite earrly like June, they don't have electricity and gas for next week in which they also have lectures the whole week and they have to miss the whole week worth of lectures so i'm stressing that I will be in the same scenario. But then again, they are to blame since they left it last minute whereas I don't have a choice to change things early since I can't move in until the 9th and don't have the keys either as my contract starts on the 9th sept at 12pm.

Will I have electric and gas after changing names or will they have to do some things after I change it to my name? If anyone knows please tell me thanks!

Also I searched online and it says to read my smart metres before changing them to my name. What do I do with this info?
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So what you need to do is when you get your keys call the current gas and electric supplier. Tell them that you have just got your keys and you need to become the new payer of the gas and electric for the property. Over the phone they will create you a new account and tell you what tarrif you are on and the prices for energy. Once they have done that you will be charged for the gas and electric. You will not be left without any power during this time but make sure you contact the supplier as soon as you get the keys to get everything into your name so that you do not need to pay for any outstanding energy from previous tenants.

So your smart meter will have a metre reading number on. When you move in write this down. There should be 2 long digit numbers, one for gas and one for electric. When you contact the supplier they will ask for these numbers. These numbers basically just say how much energy you use.

I’m not too sure why your friends don’t have electric, because the energy supplier will just calculate you a bill from the metre readings even if you have just move down in.

Also don’t forget to set up your water bill and counsel tax!
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When i moved into a new flat, didn't have Electricity set up, but cause there was a smart meter they could back track it, so i didn't set it up for a few days but lights still came on and phone would still charge, but don't know about gas though

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