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Hi everyone,

I'm 17 years old from Scotland and left school in September last year, a year earlier than most, as I had had enough of it and was desperate to get out into the real world. I hated highschool from the very start and have never wanted to go to Uni, as I think the only two things it's good for is the socialising aspect and the credentialism you receive - Unless you're going for a course with a subject that you are really passionate about. My aim was to get an apprenticeship of some sort but have been unsuccessful so far. I think this is mainly down to the fact that I am not really passionate about the roles I have applied for. (And because I absolutely suck at interviews)

Since the beginning of March, I've been working a part time job in retail. I'm thankful that I at least have that because otherwise I would be even more bored, lonely and lacking direction than I am now, which I feel a lot in my days off to be honest. I also don't have a social life. I spend my free time lying in bed, doing nothing but questioning my life choices and wondering how I can make my situation better. I talk to some friends online while we're playing a game but that's my only real connection to people. A few of them are also in my position as they have now left school as well.

The truth is, I have absolutely no idea what I want in terms of a career or what I want my life to be in general. I was also thinking about starting a small business but again, there's nothing I'm really passionate about.

I'm thinking about saving up until November, then quitting my part time job and going travelling across South East Asia for about 3 months. Is this a good idea? Or should I keep my part time job and apply for a full time job in the meantime while also looking for apprenticeships?

I would really love to travel but if it's going to create a gap on my CV or whatever I probably shouldn't, right?
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I was in a very similar situation to yourself.

First off remember you're only 17 and have your whole life ahead of you, don't think you need to have it all worked out right now.
I'm 23, worked in retail since leaving sixth form and felt a complete lack of direction and motivation until recently. Now I've decided to go to college to complete an access course then apply for uni next year.

Go find your passion man, try stuff out (so many placements and work experience available in pretty much every sector).

In relation to travel, if you can afford it and feel confident about it (being only 17) I would definitely go for it, but I guess its about making it worth while as opposed to a few months holiday. Future employers will definitely be interested in your travels, so if you showed, for example, you volunteered for a little while on your travels this will look good on you.

Good luck, anyways

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