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So. I am sitting here inside in my room all alone, my boyfriends out with his mates for the fourth time in a raw, and I'm just here alone. In a city I came for him. No friends who would like to hang out, nothing. He makes me feel alone...everyone does. I just feel so lonely. what do I do? I just keep crying. I feel so unloved as if I'm just a suffering unnecessary background character in someone's life...well, in everyone's life.
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I did the same thing and chose a university close(ish) to home so I could maintain contact with my girlfriend. It was a bit of out of sight out of mind though and while I was planning my weekends around her and not making any new friends, she was moving on with her new circle and college life. it wasn't until I caught her with somebody else that I was able to see how much time I had wasted, and how many great people were so close. I really think that anybody who makes you feel like that doesn't deserve such an important place in your life. Pretty much everybody around you is in the same position - in a new place, not knowing many people, missing home and they'll all be really grateful to have a new buddy, so if you can, head out and meet some people, take control of your happiness and don't sit in loneliness just because somebody is trying to put you there.

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