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i’m starting in year 10 on Monday!! it is a new campus and i’m really dreading going 😔 most people are horrible to me and all i can do is not react but in truth, it really gets to me i just don’t show it to anyone, I have one other friend and i’m so bad at making friends, i’m also worried about getting lost and being late. does anyone have any advice on how to get through the next two years without being really sad and also some advice about how to go about the actual first day?? last year I missed 2 weeks of school at the end because I just couldn’t get out of bed and go and I’m really scared that will happen again and my grades will drop. Thank u xx
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I’m starting school again in a few weeks and trust me I’m nervous but I bet some people are also in the same boat as you, just be yourself and be and feel motivated to learn and it’s okay if you make mistakes we all do. If some people show negative vibes around you don’t associate yourself around them and try and ignore them and is okay to not be okay. Sometimes people’s words get to me and it’s best to let your feelings out don’t let them be bottled up. On my first day of secondary school, I ended up in the wrong class and I was actually considering staying there, it’s a bit embarrassing I admit but we moveee. But seriously, try not to be late double check your timetable and ask people around you if they ignore you try and find a teacher. Good luck for your first day!

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