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I'm going on a gap year just to resit Economics as a private candidate. At the same time I'll be doing a 20-30 fixed term contract with M&S that doesn't have guaranteed hours.

However, since I won't be in full time education apparently they are cutting my dad's housing benefit?? I'm aware they are cutting off child tax credit and child benefit, and I even offered my dad money for that, but I wasn't aware housing benefit would be affected.

The house we currently live in is a three bedroom house that is rented. My brother is a year older and just started uni, but he's still living at home.

My dad is making me go and enroll at a random college and only attend for three days to make it look like I'm still in full time education, but this screams dodgy and fraud.

He's forcing me not to work at all and just do a random course at college, because he figured the government would clock me lying about being at college whilst simultaneously working.

What do I do??? I need to make money and no uni will accept me knowing I did nothing productive during my gap year, e.g. work.
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Hi, I'm in a similar situation could you tell me how you came across this issue
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Parents can receive a reduction in their benefits when the status of their children change. It can be more than the income that the children can provide by way of paying house-keeping.

The answer is for them to increase their household income or decrease their expenses rather than force their children into college. Being an adult puts the responsibility of managing the budget on them.

How is he going to cope when your brother leaves Uni in 2 years?!

He cant make you enrol in college. How do you think he will react when you tell him you wont do it?

Do you have any potential to move out so you can escape his benefit trap which is his problem, not yours?

I keep seeing posts on this forum where children of benefit dependent parents get forced into things.

That said, i cant see why a college course is detrimental to a UCAS course but i know thats not the point.

Im not sure if your employment income would bectaken into account for his benefits if you were classed as a full time student. There are benefit calculators you can use to model different scenarios.

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