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This is a hard thing for me to write but the time is creeping on and I need to get this out of my system. Graduating has put my life and mental health in a weird place. Apparently post-graduation blues are a thing.

I have realised that my life has been pretty cushty at uni for the last three years. I went to a respectable university in the north of England and studied sound.

I graduated in July so just over a month ago and I've had one interview for a graduate job so far and they didn't get back to me which was a bit rubbish but hey ho, move on.

Then this week, my girlfriend of three years has broken up with me which has thrown me as I didn't see it coming. I generally feel I have no purpose right now and it's becoming extremely detrimental to my thoughts and general health.

I feel like if I got the job that I want, I would get back on the straight and narrow but at the same time, getting something not related to my degree would feel like a failure. I guess I need some direction.

Does anyone have any advice on how they dealt with this section of their post-graduation life?

I've read some stuff online, but a lot of it just seems to meme it like "oh whoa me, I'm a graduate with low career prospects" but I have got relevant experience! I just don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

I haven't had any experience with mental health problems and that's why this is so scary for me. Should I see a GP?
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See a GP. A lot of the other stuff is how it affects day to day tasks. E.g. does it take 15 mins to attempt to brush your teeth, are you staying indoors all the time etc.

I would work out a post uni plan on friends/network post-uni, post-gf.

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