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I'm doing my first tutorial sheet and I'm on question six (half way through the tutorial sheet). I keep procrastinating by going on social media. I know it's because the tutorial sheet has problem solving in it and it's difficult. I've tried asking other members of TSR at the study help forum but I still don't understand question 4. Can't really go to the professor since I'm taking a gap year this year. I have to re-do the sheets since I binned them at the hospital when my mental health was bad and I wanted to drop out of university. I'm just locked in the cycle of procrastinating before work. Really would like to get started at 9 am in the morning but my willpower is so low that it takes me to 10 am before I do anything with work. I end up getting 45 minutes of work done everyday which is goal my nurse set me. It's just that I can't get started at 9 am which is when university lectures normally start on a work year. Are my expectations too high? Or what's wrong with me?
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I think procrastinating is really just being in some bad habits, they can be broken but it's not necessarily easy. I used to spend the daytime procrastinating and then the evenings feeling guilty so worked in to the night to try to catch up. It can be good to set yourself a written schedule which is harder to go against. Include some social media time in there too but make sure that the majority of the time is spent working - you'll get everything finished much quicker and then have as much time as you want for other stuff. It then becomes a reward which you'll appreciate much more.

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