How to write biomed ps but interested in microbiology?

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Hi there!

So basically, I wanna be a microbiologist in the NHS and the route I wanna take is to be a biomedical scientist and specialise in infection sciences/microbiology, where I have to take healthcare science/biomedical science course.

So I started planning my personal statement for biomed cuz that’s what I’m applying for.

The thing is that I am interested in microbiology, diseases and stuff like that, but I don’t know how to incorporate it into the ps without making it look like I should have applied for microbiology course, if you know what I mean.

I want to say I enjoy lab work and especially microbiology topic but I do not know what else to say without making it look like I should have done a different course in mind.

Any help please?

Thanks and live amazing lives!
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So , just apply for biomed, and when you start at your favourite university - which will be quite different from school level science, you should then be able to choose more of the microbiology options/modules - I think that way you'll be able to fulfil your passion. I do see a massive future in biomedics & microbiome related "holistic" health

Also, by choosing your five UCAS places where the biomed course does have a strong microbiology option, that's another way to achieve your result

and finally, many "unsure" A100 students put biomed down as a spare, so just make your PS sound like that biomed is specifically that which you want to do, and you are not (currently) seeking a back-door into becoming a (med) doctor - but don't rule anything out.

I wrote many slightly different PS's, printed the word-map out and tweaked/adjusted until every single word had the correct weight and meaning. evolution worked in my case.

It's probably both of us overthinking things, some colleges might spend 0.01seconds on our PS, if that - but at least it is an area where you can write that which you feel is needed. And never put it online, as they are probably all scanned & rejected if it seems to have been copied or 'borrowed' from you.

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