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8 months into my university course I had to defer(which eventually lead to me leaving all together) The reasons i left where due to trauma I had experienced on a mental health nursing placement on my course. Other reasons included unsuitable living conditions which lead to me being unable to store food and only living off of one sandwich a day, with a previous history of anorexia this really did threaten my recovery. I also had a lot of family issues.This lead to me having a really serious panic attack to which an ambulance had to be called as the staff at the accommodation thought I was having a heart attack. A few days later I had a meeting with someone at the university about leaving,he said to me we shall defer you after your next loan so that you have some money behind you in this tough situation(This was in mid-to late March my next loan was in April). I then had a second meeting with someone else to confirm that I was leaving and what would happen after. I had left the uni under the impression that I would be deffered after my loan was given to me. This was not the case... Months and months later I received a letter telling me that the student loans company had over paid me. The money from the Loan had gone on essential such as rent, travel and general living costs as i had not yet gotten a job. I rang them up to which they explained that I was actually deffered from uni the day after i had the meeting and not after my loan had been paid like they had said. The student loans people then said that it was not my fault and that there must have been a miscommunication between myself and the university and that they also shouldn't have even given me the loan after no longer being a student on their system at the time. A couple years have past and I haven't been contacted regarding any repayments but I have decided to start uni again in September 2020. I rang the students loans people to ask what will happen in regards to that concerning the repayments. They said that each year as your loan is split into 3 segments they will take 33% from each segment of what my over payment is. This would leave me completely unable to support myself at uni. For me University was going to be an escape from the domestic abuse I have and am suffering at home as well as a next step to improve my life. It is also vital for the career path i want to do. I currently am homeless but staying with my boyfriends family but I cannot do this whilst studying at uni next year, I cant study at home as it puts my safety at risk. Student accommodation or moving somewhere is the only way i would be able to study. This miscommunication, mistake or whatever it is has put in a position where I may not be able to pursue further education. Is there anything I can do or anyone I can contact?
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Speak to your university, they always have bursaries and stuff available. Explain your circumstances and they might be able to help? If Student Finance have overpaid you, they deduct money from your maintenance loan so you get less than what you're supposed to get because they overpaid you. But yeah, speak to your university and see if there are any bursaries that you might be able to apply for and maybe look for a part time job to fit around your studies?

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