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These past few months my skin has become worse and worse, to the point im in tears. It all started once i shaved my face with one of them face razors, i believe it’s because i shaved against the grain and my skin is extremely sensitive. I have loads of tiny red and white pimples focused on my cheek area. I can also see red small patches just beneath my skin, perhaps inflammation or well im honestly not sure but its looks TERRIBLE. These dont seem to clear up even after months of trying expensive organic face masks, cleansers and exfoliaters except the problem becoming worse and worse! Important to note i haven’t shaved my face since and from now on wear little to zero face make up. All i want back is my smooth skin, i constantly feel embarrassed and angered at the condition my skin is at right now. I hate what i see in the mirror and honestly cant remember the last time i ever felt my old self. I stick to a daily routine, using the same products and not constantly change switch between products, my skin type is dry but sometimes my t-zone can become oily. Any advice whatsoever would help me soooo much im honestly desperate at this point.
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Go to the GP. I can list a bunch of products if ya want that helped me but can’t help with the whole shaving sensitive issue. My skin is oily, acne prone.

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