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I would like to give a testimony of my experience with Middlesex University.
First I would like to apologise for my level of English as I am not from the UK. I applied to Middlesex university at the beginning of summer through their clearing system and since that it’s only been a lot of issues, I spent the whole summer calling them because after I upload all the files they asked me I would not get any answers from them, every time I would call they would tell me something different like this paper is missing, then when I would upload it they would tell me to translate so I spent around 300gbp for them to finally tell me they don’t need it to give me an answer.
When I finally sent the rest of the papers they asked me to wait for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks, then...
Here we are at almost mid september and because someone of their admission team told me i would get an offer based of the documents she’ve seen I didn’t apply to other uni, and today I still don’t have any answers from them.
I am still waiting for a miracle but start to not have any hope as I’m calling for the last few weeks and nothing seems to change and the person I’m talking to is oversea and doesn’t seem to know where is my application.
I am really disappointed about this university as they made me waste a lot of time, money and energy as I had to call them at least 2 times the whole summer until now!
I need now to find an alternative option as I really want to to start my study this year.

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