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So I accidentally got my school to order the wrong level 3 btec business text books on the school bursery. I was told last year that my exam board was OCR but now I have found that it is Pearsons. Does that matter? Will this textbook give me similar information that I need for the finance exam I have to do as apart of my btec? If not what should I do because to send things that have been wrongfully brought on amazon you have to pay a fee. I'm too socially awkward to teel them that I ordered the wrong ones but I swear my business teacher told me it was OCR, but I cant even question it with him as he no longer works at the school. What should I do?

update: I've just looked on my school website and it says that business is cambridge technicals but not exam board is given. when I type it into Google it comes up with the OCR text books. I'm so confused as my coursework says one thing but I've been told by the school something different. surely they should all have similar info right?

update: dont worry guys, luckily they hadn't ordered them yet!
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The content will be different, u need to tell them its the wrong book for the course

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