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I am a little confused about my Oxford MPhil grading.

I got a 62 overall (I think - its definitely that give or take one mark). Personally I am very disappointed in it. However, I need clarity on what it actually means.

Everywhere else in the UK, a 60+ at Masters level is a Merit. At Oxford, however, it is simply called a pass. Below 60 at Oxford is a fail, but it is a Pass in most other universities, as far as I am aware.

When I am applying for jobs and such, I don't know whether to put 'Pass' or 'Merit' down as my grade. Is the Oxford Pass equivalent to a Merit elsewhere? And if so, does that warrant me writing 'Merit'? Or must I write 'Pass' because that is the way it has been graded officially by the awarding institution? Can I write 'Pass' and then specify that it is equivalent to a Merit even though it says 'Pass'?

Finally, is this actually a good grade? Is it worth it? I am pretty disappointed in myself because I worked so hard. Should I be proud of myself or not?

I am just a bit confused is all. If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be very grateful.
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First of all, when you prepare your CV you should focus on your possitive skills and qualifications. A Master's by Oxford is obviously a great achievement by itself! Having said this, there is no need to mention Pass (we focus on the possitive things -remember?). It isn't a Merit either because with postgraduate awards there isn't a standarized qualification system like with the undergraduate degrees and many unis have different rules. My first uni had only pass and distinction >66.6%. You can mention your grade if you think this will help. I wouldn't overthink it though. Most will be impressed nevertheless. Congrats!

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