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So I had a really lovely Latin teacher in year 9 so ended up taking Latin for GCSE despite the fact I didn't really enjoy the subject more the way she taught it. Well just my luck my latin teacher left at the end of year 9 and I'm stuck taking a ****ty subject (I know I made a mistake in taking it in the first place) with a really boring teacher. I was going to change my option to Religious Studies (don't love it but not as bad as Latin) but that can't work because of the way it is timetabled so now I'm stuck with Latin. Anyone else had to so a really ****ty subject? Any tips on how to get through two years?
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i took compsci which i loathed and regretted. i tried to make the best of it by just making friends and doing the work when i could- i aimed for a 5 as i knew i couldn't get any higher than that :lol: (and i came out w a 5 ).
i'm not saying aim low (unless you want to) but really it's a matter of forcing yourself to go and sit in class- 2 years'll fly by!!

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