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Hey guys,

So here's the thing I've been poorly the past 2 years, hence I took 2 gap years but now I'm on the road to recovery and starting uni in September. Over the past few years due to my health I've gained alot of weight which I'm hoping to slowly take off as I get better. As im starting uni soon, for the first time in my life I feel very self conscious and scared about how others will think and perceive me. I've never hated my body so much as I do now, I know it might seem kinda silly but I can't help but over think about it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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hi remember you where ill for 2 years but now your recovering and going to uni that's an achievement that warrant's confidence!
I know what its like to hate your body but i promise you your perception is the one judging you the most. So its that which you need to fight to feel better about yourself. Maybe go out and buy some nice new clothes, something to make you feel fresh and new, try walk with your head held a little higher. (it makes you feel really exposed but after a little bit it makes you feel just that little bit, well better.) Before going to sleep every night say tell yourself three little good things that you did that day, this is something i'm trying as apparently it increases self confidence. :P might be worth a try.
I know saying don't worry people wont judge you wont help because brains are stubborn but here is my attempt anyway, don't worry! and don't let your brain put you down! yes its good to be healthy, and its great that you are trying to lose the weight but that doesn't mean that as you are your ugly- not at all. Quite the opposite in fact!

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