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I am having huge issues trying to get student finance sorted. Firstly because it is my second degree, it automatically got tuition fees rejected upon applying. I rang to query this and was told that I wasn’t entitled to student finance for tuition fees.....I knew more than the call taker and in the end I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told by the supervisor that the application would have to go in for reassessment abd that it would be sent to the relevant department. I rang to chase this up and then found out it had been sent to the wrong department and that it would need to go to a different department...I was assured that I would find out by today. I have heard nothing, so I chased up with a phone call; I found out that my application hadn’t even been sent off for reassessment, so the assurances I got were untrue. I’ve been told today that it would take another 20 days until I find out my entitlement, I was really not happy about this as I have already enrolled at university. I spoke to a supervisor who said that it would be put through as a priority and that I would find out in 5 days. To be honest, I don’t believe anything that anyone at student finance tells me. I’m really frustrated as I have childcare to pay for too. Anyone else having or had these issues?????
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