Will i loose my PIP and esa if i want to go back to college

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I was wondering if anyone can help me as i cant seem to find the answers i need online.

Im claiming esa and i am in the support group for mental health reasons, i do not claim for any physical disabilities. I get the severe disability top up and i also get the lower level of care my PIP due to my mental health problems.

I want to go back to college as ive never been and i want to get some qualifications as i dont plan on being on benifits forever. I was due to start a course a couple of years ago but due to a motorbike accident i was unable to start, its this course id like to go for again. Its a welding fabrication and blacksmithing course, which is full time 3 days a week but im worried ill loose my esa and pip if i do, has anyone got any advice on this as ive read online i can only do a part time course which doesnt affect my benifits?
If i do a part time course though i wont get the qualifications i need and i really dont know what to do any advice will be greatly appreciated
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This is a hard one, and this will be different for every case. There is a chance, yes. It depends on why you have been awarded what you have. For example, I get the mobility and care component of PIP. I was at uni when I was re-assessed. Even though I have severe arthritis (and have had since I was 2) I did not receive the high rate mobility (which I had previously) because she deemed the distance I would have to walk in the uni as more than the requirements.

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