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Hey everyone,

I’m a Law student who is facing an issue and any little help or suggestion will mean a lot.

On my second year of LLB, I missed a couple of assessments due to a health condition and was told that I need to mitigate which I did and my mitigation was accepted. So I thought that I will be resetting these exams while progressing to the next year, However now after the summer holiday I was not able to re-enrol to my course and after many confusing appointments with student support and the Law school office, I was told that there is no need to enrol as I won’t be attending university this year!
And will only be going there to do my resets only.

Which means that I won’t be eligible for Student Finance. And now I’m stuck with plenty of small loans to pay and need to pay my accommodation rent and I basically have zero money.

I wish that I actually didn’t mitigate and failed the year so I will have to retake it instead of being in this situation.

Now I have no idea what to do, I thought about changing courses even if I have to start from year behind but I can’t afford to stay without my SF. Although I really don’t want to do so as I really worked hard to get here.

If anyone knows another way to solve this matter please comment.
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Find a job.

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