Exam in December but, cant get myself to do the revision Watch

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My plan was to use blurting, flash cards, past papers and pomodoro. But I just don’t know how to start my revision or what I should start off with really.

Had my first lesson of college course on Monday but still don’t have a good idea of the topic

Please help I want to achieve good grades

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From my personal experience, i would say start off with a timed past paper and take time to mark yr answers and see where you've went wrong. Write ALL the topics/section (make a list) where you've got the most questions wrong. Because that way you can see what yr strong and weak topics are so u don't have to revise the topics yr confident at or u don't have to revise deeply (since u already the know most things). Revise yr weak topic one by one, until ur confident. DO the same past paper and see if u improved or not; or u can try different past paper if u were satisfied with yr score last time. While revising (even thought it depends on person to person), for me what works is 45-55 mins of revision and 15-20 mins of break in between (i'm the type of person who needs well enough rest, to study with 100% effort). You can revise from the internet, youtube videos (easy and obtain information with less time), websites, online resources, normal tuition or online tuition (if u can afford it, for extra help or enhancing yr knowledge) and e.c.t. You can make your manual or online flashcards, do wt's best for U, personally i don't like flashcards in general but again it depends on the person. Blurting is most effective at the end of ur revision (again it depends), when you have finished yr revision and without looking back write every you can remember. Also i know few people who actually use blurting at the start instead so they don't have to revise the part they already know. Hope this helps.

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