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I just started year 11 and one of my lessons is, of course, Welsh baccalaureate.

I've been really stuck on what to do for my topic- as we can do anything we want.

It has to be over 2000 words, answer the question, and we need to show research, be passionate about it, and the like, etc...

However, my Welshbacc teacher demands our topic/question be really specific. For example, every time someone gave their topic she would reply, "That's too broad! You have to narrow your topic down!" And we're like 'Well, how tf do we do that?' Yet we haven't received help.

Anyways, I was wondering, after looking around a bit, if this sounded like a good topic/question?

"To what extent is societies increasing laziness affecting the aquatic environment in Wales, today?"

I'm worried she'll shoot us down again, and I'll be stuck and unsure of a topic I'm passionate about.

I was also wondering if there are any specific articles I could link to my question? -thanks in advance.

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