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Hi I've just started year 10 and my teachers have been asking me to revise things. I've never done this before and it's really boring and really hard and takes up so much time and isn't even that effective.

I know I'm probably doing it wrong, how do I do it right?
Thanks in advance
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It's not necessarily that you're 'doing it wrong', maybe your just not doing it the best way for you.
First step is to work out how you learn best; do you remember things better when you hear them, read them, write them, or see them? Then base your revision strategies around that.
So if you learn best by hearing, find YouTube revision resources, record yourself revision notes, use websites like Quizlet to make flashcards which will read the flashcard out for you.
Or if you learn best from reading, then taking subject textbooks or past class notes and reading through them. Then trying to condense them; so fitting one topics worth of content on 1 A4 page, then reading through that. Then condensing again to and A5 page and so on.
If you're a visual learner YouTube and mindmaps are your friend. Try and think of imagery you can link to key points, and either draw or print pictures. Cover your walls with mindmaps and images, then every time you see one, pause and try and recall everything you can about the topic.
Revision doesn't need to be just sitting alone in a quiet room reading, I revise best by helping others, maybe you could try group revision sessions. Just make sure to schedule in breaks so you don't get too distracted.
Setting realistic goals for revision is really important; don't expect to finish a whole topic in one night, start slow. But also set high enough expectations that you do everything you need to.
Unfortunately, revision does just take up time. For every hour you're in class you should aim to do at least half an hour to an hour's revision. Ultimately that means you should, by the time GCSE's come around, be studying 20-30 hours a week. In year 10, I used to come home from school and not do anything but revise until dinner, though revision can include doing homework. Then I'd have dinner and relax after. In Year 11 I'd do an hour of summary work after dinner in addition to the work before dinner.
It's good you're asking these questions this early; it means you'll be more prepared if you start now rather than in a year and a half a time. Just aim to learn some new revision strategies and make a timetable blocking out times to revise certain things.

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