Was I right to move on from my crush and ignore her? Watch

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Ok so this girl happens to be my crush (it will end soon hopefully). I’ve liked her for a while now and she has given me some signs that she may be interested even at least on a platonic level. She makes sure to carry the conversation every time we talk, she smiles at me nonstop, she tries to find me in crowded places, gives regular glances from afar (they’re really obvious).

Anyways I figured that if she is somewhat comfortable around me, she might not be too annoyed if I send her a friend request on fb. Well I did and she left it hanging, which is fair enough but then in real life when we talked she would act totally normal and give the same signs of interest. Hell, she even once indirectly asked me to come sit closer to her in class. I was confused...why on earth wouldn’t you try to keep contact at least over the summer when you felt comfortable (I guess) around me irl? I figured maybe she didn’t see the fb request so I sent her on instagram, again to no avail. I honestly got pissed and when I saw her again totally ignored her existence, and made a point to say hi to everyone around her except her, to the point where she felt she got a bit left out. Her friend felt that I was ignoring her so she asked me if I’m ignoring her on purpose I told her yes.

Now to be fair this girl is incredibly shy and on social media I haven’t see her add any boys either on fb/instagram, but still why give signs that you even want to be friends when you’re going to totally blank me like that? It’s really not fair for me, I don’t wanna play games like this in real life. Fair enough if you don’t wanna keep contact, but at least don’t play with my head like that and give off some interest if you don’t give a **** about me anyways.

Edit: I mean I’m literally all for her ignoring me if she actually ignores me in real life...but she actually doesn’t. Every time I talk to her, she smiles constantly (like that girly smile) and makes sure to continue the conversation by asking questions, gives a lot of eye contact, takes constant glances from afar (she even did it once while with her friends and my friend notified me of this), she even once indirectly asked me to sit closer to her in class during an exam...

you could say she’s just being polite but honestly do girls do this normally to be polite? I honestly don’t think so. She’s been doing those glances/looks for ages before I even spoke a word to her. I think she has showed signs that she’s at least interested in a friendship, so why ignore me brutally like that on facebook and instagram? This only leads me to the conclusion that she just likes playing games and loves my attention, or else she would have reciprocated the interest she shows in real life on social media and tried to at least respond to my messages. I might be a tad overthinking it sure, but how can anyone say that she isn’t at fault at all with a straight face?

** Btw I asked her once about a message that i sent on fb that she didn’t reply to, she seemed surprised (i guess) and said she didn’t see it, but then the next day she would try to find me in class and when we finished exams she made it a point to stay and discuss it with me, instead of leaving like she always does after every exam. I really think she liked my attention and that was it. Why should I feel obligated to acknowledge her when she ignores me over the internet?
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It is unfair to make wild judgements based on social media behavior. Perhaps she is not very active online or has strict parents who spy on her social media. She may be nervous to interact with you online because it is so easy to miscommunicate through text. There are a number of circumstances to explain her behavior.

Either way, it is childish to take out on someone what is very possibly innocuous behavior. If it bothers you so much take it up with her in a calm, adult fashion. Do not jump to wild conclusions without having all the facts; this can damage any type of relationship.

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