Any other Year 12s suddenly changed what they think they'll do at Uni?

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When I went into Year 12 I had the thought to do Psychology at Uni or joint honours with Philosophy and now that I've attended a couple of classes I have really changed my mind.

I enjoy Psychology but I would never take it to Uni-level, I'm sticking with Philosophy, however, although I may do Film alongside it.

Anyone else changed what they thought they would do all of a sudden?
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I changed my mind from wanting to do geography at the beginning of year 12 to physics by the end of year 12. I didn't enjoy geography A - level and so couldn't then imaging doing a 3(+) year degree in a subject I didn't like.

I am now just about to start my third year of uni doing physics and I'm glad I switched. I still enjoy my degree (most of the time) and I've had a great experience at university.

In year 12 there is still time to change your mind and consider other options. People change degrees even once they have started studying a degree because they then decided it's not for them. One of my friends dropped out halfway through second year and has now gone to start another degree at a different university but he is much happier and wished he didn't wait as long as he did to change course. Changing your mind now is the best thing rather than regretting it. If you are having doubts now, it is probably a good idea to switch but always know that you can switch back if you want to.

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