Homework as a replacement for teaching in year 11 yay or Nay

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So basically I’ve noticed a lot of my classes recently don’t actually teach they just set homework and in class time we mark said homework. The classes that mainly do this are:
- computing
- economics
- business
Basically the teachers put PDFs onto google classroom or tell us to read this part of the textbook, make notes on it and do these questions.
In class because they tend to be very heavy with the homework (my economics homework is 5-6 pages 5 times a week) we spend the entire time marking the homework and then getting set the next homework.

What’s actually the point in this. By the way when I say right I mean we get told the right answer we don’t get assistance of any sort. Anytime we complain they tell us this is what it’s like at uni.

I thought at uni you were taught the stuff and you got a review of what was wrong with your work instead of just a “4/10 very disappointed”.
what does everyone else think of this is it a good or bad thing and is it really like this at uni. Also will I be expected to work nonstop until 10pm every night at uni or will I have a bit of free time at uni
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If you decide to go to sixth form, you'll find quite a few a-level tutors do this tactic of most of the learning being done for homework, then the consolidation is in class. I believe it's called 'flipped learning'. It can work quite well if your tutors give you help in lesson or more constructive feedback than 'very disappointing', but it's usually used in conjunction with normal learning. It seems to me as if your teachers are just being lazy, you shouldn't be spending your entire lesson marking homework and all your free-time doing it; Uni would be a damn nightmare if you had literally zero free-time.

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