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Before I start I would like to mention that I received all offers from my selected universities for Mpharm. The following will be both my thoughts on the interview day and the questions I received from the universities in ranking order of how frequent the given question was asked.

Firstly, on interview day from my experience can either go 1 of 2 ways where all the applicants engage with each other or where there is silence and awkwardness in the room. In addition, the universities have a selection of activities for you to experience runned by both staff and students of the course , this provides you an idea of what the environment would feel in that given university, but don’t forget the university is trying to show it’s best and in reality it would be different. I would HIGHLY stress out that the universities like to give out a full on lecture on how great their university is and a full on lecture on MPharm/Pharmacy which is tiring at every interview day you go to and in an ideal world as a prospective student you should already have a strong knowledge of both the uni and the course so this can be quite boring to deal through. Furthermore, in my opinion this defeats the whole process of the actual questions in the interview the main and often starting questions will always be ‘ why have you chosen this university? ‘ and ‘ why have you chosen to do pharmacy ? ‘ which isn’t difficult and I guess for starting questions it’s understanding but as you already know a decent answer to both from the knowledge you should know and the fact they have told you the answers already in the day is not really questioning the prospective student.

Regardless here are my question and thoughts on the questions I received:

(Most frequently asked)

Why have you chosen to study at ‘ name of university ‘ ?

Like how I stated before this question and the next one should be second nature as this should be expected to be asked and you should know a lot about the given uni beforehand and in the lecture they gave you earlier on the day. Personally my thought process was to immediately avoid common university things and link it to the course I.e talk about pharmacy society, team based learning , the university being close to a major hospital and how that provide further placement.

Why have you chosen to do pharmacy ?

This should be easily answered by the knowledge you should know and knowledge you gained earlier on the day. Please do talk about a topic or topics you do enjoy , but if you know the questioner works in a certain field use that to your advantage I.e if they work in industry. Personally I enjoy having the ability to have a patient focus role and I carried out 2 placements at different hospitals and really enjoyed the experience I gained.

Give us 3 methods of drug delivery:
- oral digestion ( drugs & syrups )
- oral inhalation ( pump )
- skin treatment ( cream )
- injections ( vaccines )
- eyes ( eye drops )

Give us 3 drugs and their uses :

Likewise with the previous question make sure you do your research, I made sure to learn 5 different drugs and their use .

In your opinion what is the most important topic/subject you are taking ?

I personally did A levels but did not do the typical chem bio maths route and chosen a subject way off , but don’t be too smart ( I tried xD ) and talk about the way off subject as they will merely ask about typical subjects your doing , make sure you have a strong knowledge in that preferred topic . I personally talked either about Isomers in chemistry or cancers in biology.

Apart from dispensing medicines , what do pharmacists do ?

At first glance I was stumped with this question as it’s true xD , but in seriousness I mentioned about diagnosing minor issues, promoting campaigns such as healthy eating, independent prescribing , blood pressure checks .

An ethical question - an example would be ‘ a pharmacist you know was talking about a patient on social media and commenting how they disliked them ‘ what do you do ?

In terms of ethical question there isn’t much memory that can help but application of knowledge and remember as a professional pharmacist what would they do? In this scenario I made up I would make the point that I wouldn’t talk with pharmacist in question to avoid confrontation, contact the manager of the pharmacist to suspend the pharmacist and talk to the GPhC even if that is overboard xD. I would say always have a point backed up with knowledge.

( least frequently asked )

I would like to finish off by saying from my experience none of the interviews I been through asked about my personal statement or any parts of it , but I would say make sure you know every bit if it and why it’s in their in the small chance they do ask about it . I would also be happy with any questions you may have.

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